The sand grains of life
Falling quietly
Snow drops  falling with agony
After  sometime
Agony filled  in the flowers also

                          Hudha  y

 From the  way of study
I   got   a magic box
In darkness,I used as a torch
Bulb was my teacher
Torch lightened my path of life
I enjoyed the  life
Torch gave me some gift
My school friends
                                Yasira m

Time is a fate
It has no date
Anyone can obstruct it
It was assured


My  life  is  a stream
But  life  has  an end
A  stream has no end.

Stream  ,
like  pure gold.
But  my life
like  rold  gold

No  one can say 
when  its  colur fades..

My  dear  happy  stream
You are the  daughter of  nature


In my  birth
I  droughted  me
Now  all the rivers  are deserts
All the  trees  like  useless pens
I  am
Like  a boat abandoned by  the fisherman

Only a drop of water
in the hands of  Dawn.

The  wind
Went  far  away.

Crawling to end...

Like  a  thirsty dog
Sky  closed its  eyes
Dawn  went to sleep



The  River  cries
The  spade  still  moves..
The  River
Like  the  painful  heart  of  a  mother
The  sobbing  river
*******     ******     ******
The  river
Flows  back  to  the  memories                                                                   JANNATHUL  FIRDOUSE 
                                                                                                                         VII  A
The  memories 
Written  on the  pages  of River’s   heart.
The  poems 
Flowered  in  her  heart.

*****           *******     *******
But    Now,
The  River  Cries
The  spade  still moves.


A  rain drop
Fell from  the  sky
Then  to  the  grass
And  to my  heart




      B  SYAMA , Teacher                                                                                                                 

Of course  ,  I  feel   very  proud  to  have completed  two  decades of  my  voyage  as a teacher  so  far  successfully. Years  passed  quickly  and  by fortune  I  have  had very  innocent  kids  (of  six to  seven years of  age)with  me  in  my  journey. As  childhood  plays  an  important  role  in moulding  the  character  of  a man  , I  consciously  gave  them  much  care  ,  lots  of  love  and  compassion. I  gave  them  love  and  care  of  an affectionate  mother  teaching  them  to  always  tread the  right  path. I  never  failed  to  teach  them  moral  values. I  used to  watch  and  enjoy their  mischiefs . That  gave  me  pleasure  in times of  distress. May  be  that  is  why  I  haven’t  been  much  affected  by  the  ups  and  downs  of  my  life.
Now  when  I  look  back  ,  many  faces flash in  to  my  mind  .  Some move swiftly, while some keep lingering. I hope  many  of  them would  have  reached  their  proper  destinations  ,  some  may be  on  their  way  ,  some  might have  only  begun. But  my  journey is  not  yet  over,  it  still  continues. I have to travel some more distance.  More  than  one  deacde  remains  for  me  to  sail  through……….

I  wish  the almighty  shower  on  me with the  same  health  and  strength  which  he  had  bestowed on  me  till date  to the  end

   ASHIFA   PS    VII  A
My  mother  loves   me  most
I  love  her  best
My  mom

Sung  sweet  hushaby
When  I  went  to  sleep
My  mom
Who  Hugged  and  kissed  me
My  mom
Who  told  me  beautiful   stories
My  mom
Who   taught me  to  walk
My  mom
Who  gave  me  food  and  milk
I  love  her  most


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